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The Menorah - Our Logo - A Blueprint for Healthy Relationship and Worship from the King of the Universe

The Menorah is the ancient symbol of the children of Israel, and was for millennia prior to the modern Star of David.  It first appears in Exodus chapter 25 as God gives specific instruction for its creation - a lamp stand of seven branches fashioned from one piece of purest gold.

The Menorah represents the Light of the Creator on earth to bring His Presence and His ways into view as the only source of illumination in the tabernacle and the only emblem designed by the Creator Himself.  It could be said that the privilege or responsibility now rests with His people - those who make it their ambition to walk in His light and love, for the whole world to see and know the Father, through them.  Matthew 5:14-16.

The details of its creation as a lamp call for it to be fashioned as an almond tree.  Both the Word of God and His people are referred to as Light in the Scriptures.  Both the people of God and the almond tree are to be fruitful, planted in good soil inspiring good fruit.  Perhaps this is a profound connection and reminder found in the menorah. The Messiah specifically identified the way of glorifying the Father is to bear good fruit.  John 15:8  The almond tree is attractive with small white blossoms announcing the spring, an awakening to all that is renewing and restoring from seasons of shadows now passed.  As it blooms we may find our hopes encouraged in newness of life and our souls inspired with strength, sustenance and assurance to face the challenges ahead.  Its branches protect us from elements that may assault, bringing refuge of comfort and peace for His times of rest and personal reflection in the restoration and renewal that comes in its due season.


"Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is,

and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16

Light represents a big deal in the Scriptures, from its spoken creation at the Word of the Father to an ongoing contributor to the identification of His people.   Light has substance.  It is defined as energy, which brings illumination in all of its definitions.  Light dispels darkness.  Darkness has no substance. Darkness has no definition in and of itself.  It is nothing.  It is defined as the absence of light.  Let us ponder that.  Darkness is the place we go when there is shame, guilt, and selfish or perverse ambitions. We run to the shadows when we want our way, reveling in, and by actions revealing our rebellion.


Light brings awareness of our location, position, condition, obstacles, hindrances, as well as clear pathways, options and directives conceived in such insight and clarity. Light inspires and engenders wisdom!



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