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Healed Identity Journey

The Theotherpy Project supported and sponsored by First Century Faith®

“Therapy” means treatment intended to relieve or heal an aspect of our thinking that is out of order; not in conformity with the intended design; and “Theo” identifies the manner of therapy as prompted by the Father’s revealed purpose in our design and the experience of His care, concern and comfort therein – “God heals!”  With that understanding as the foundation, we start doing the work of looking at our present through our past and to look at the experiences that have wounded and shaped us. Once we can start to identify some of these and the coping mechanisms that have developed in response to them, we can learn to change our mindsets and begin to accept God's unconditional love and pleasure in us.  It starts the work of being able to differentiate between "knowing" you are loved, and "believing” you are loved.  Victory is possible.

The Healed Identity Journey is a 22-week course developed out of years of study by Mark West in education and counseling.  It has offered tremendous success in helping people be delivered from patterns of thought and ensuing behaviors that encouraged a life of bondage and captivity. We long to live fruitful lives and try and pray endlessly for victorious living promised in the Scriptures and wonder why in some areas we are so incapacitated.  True discipleship takes courage to understand, confront, and eliminate that which keeps us from walking in alignment with Him.​

Healed Identity Journey offers a safe place to come to your own understanding at your own pace and to deal with issues of life that disturb your soul with support and comfort and compassion. Learn how to develop solid and lasting relationships with ourselves, others, and our Creator.

"Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is,

and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16


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Mark and Dana West - Founders of the Theotherapy Project

Mark West is Founder and Director of the Theotherapy Project and is also a Family Mediator trained according to the standards of professional conduct under Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 with additional training in special circumstance of domestic violence.  He has a Masters Degree in Christian Education and serves as an instructor at prison seminars and inmate facilitator training classes.  He is responsible for interfacing with individuals within the judiciary as well as within the corrections community regarding the Theotherapy Project program and its relevance to corrections.  Mark is also an ordained minister with over thirty years of pastoral counseling experience in helping families and youth in crisis.  He, along with his wife Dana and their two grown children live in the Nashville area.  They have successfully ministered together in the Tennessee prison system for over 15 years with Dana spearheading the women's ministries.

Cynthia Torres - Theotherapy at First Century Faith® and Founder of  Whole Heart Ministries™

Cyndi Torres has worked diligently ministering to women inmates at The Tennessee Prison for Women for just over three years with the Theotherapy Project.  While serving in this capacity, Cyndi also enrolled in facilitator training to become certified accordingly to facilitate this program.  Cyndi is a testimony to the great success of this program having experienced great transformation in her own personal life after several severe life challenges, crisis and trauma.  Cyndi has helped countless individuals find their freedom of heart and mind and is pursuing a formal degree in Christian counseling to expand her ministry skills and usefulness to the Father Creator and King.  Cyndi is the proud  Mom of two adult children; Singer/songwriter & worship musician; Student of the Scriptures and early church and faith development. Cyndi has a passion to help bring wholeness to all.